What I Do

Adriana Mignini (black and white)I am Adriana Mignini.  What do I do?

I see.

I see deeper.

Then I reveal the visions as seen through my abstract synesthetic mind.

My artwork is about more than the people and the world around us.  I feel that the art that I love to create seems to come from a hidden part of the light spectrum, beyond what we know; it is a layer of detail that few can see, but everybody experiences.  Psychologists give credit to synesthesia for opening a door to those otherwise unrealized images.  Colors, shapes, geometry, even the sound and rhythm of the brush shaping the canvas play together like a symphony to expose the underlying truth in visual form.  The synesthesia that is a part of me has been described by others as a Adriana Mignini Art Supplies“gift”.  Perhaps.  What better way to get the most out of such a gift than by sharing it with others?  The synesthetic art that appears on my canvas enables you to see, through the eyes of another, the subconscious images of emotions being raised (or reduced?) to a conscious level.

What I do, I do for you… and me.  It is refreshing to see with my eyes that which I see in my mind.  Seeing a finished piece for the first time is almost like meeting a new friend.  Allow me to introduce you.




Be Aware.


Moment of amazement