Who I Am

Adriana Mignini on graffitiHi!

I am Adriana Mignini. To introduce you to myself, first understand that my native language is Español and I communicate in the English language best either through a translator or through my art.  Art is my passion.  I am very happy to say that it is also my profession.

My passion for art began when I was very young.  It took some time for me to realize that my paintings were abstract.  I was not trying to create abstract images; my doodles and artwork were abstract because I see the world differently than others.  Well… it’s not that I see the world differently.  You could say that I see something “extra” in the world around us.  It’s more like I see emotion, heat, cold — even playfulness and personality traits — in a more visual context.  Some is pretty.  Some is not.  It’s like a 6th sense that connects thoughts to images.  Some tell me that it is rare gift to be able to see beyond the limited capabilities of our own eyes.  For so long I wanted to tell my friends and family how I see the world.   I reached the conclusion that the best way to share my visions was to master the paintbrush so that I could use the canvas as the window to the world beyond the usual spectrum of light that everybody is so familiar with.

A little about myself…

My parents are from Italy.  Florence, Italy.   They are amazing people who dedicated their lives toward sharing with their own children excellent teaching, and the freedom to build our own lives and find ourselves in the world.  Sometime before I was born, they immigrated to my birth place of Argentina.  The combination of Italian parents raising a family in the new land, growing up with close Argentinian friends in the rich culture that my beautiful country of birth can provide is a blessing.  From this, I feel that I experience the best elements of the world’s most romantic cultures.

Like most kids growing up, I went to school.  I played.  I laughed.  I cried.  I read, studied, relaxed, worked, and I drew pictures — lots of pictures!   It was through creating those pictures that I found myself… and continue to find myself with each stroke of the brush.

My art was recognized as being eclectic and unique.  It took some time to figure out why.  The time came when a psychologist decided what was the source of my inspiration: synesthesia.  It’s not just that I see things differently.  It is that I see the things that others can only feel, that is… until I transfer the image to the canvas.

Who I am today is Adriana Mignini.  Yes, I have always been Adriana Mignini.  It was the realization that the my synesthetic vision of the world around me lays the foundation of the art that transformed what it apparently means to be me.  The synesthesia is only one part of the person that I am.

I admire the artwork of other abstract artists who, like me, devote their time and energy toward sharing their own visions with the world.  My work has appeared on the walls of art galleries in Argentina, Italy, and is more than ready to capture attention in other lands.  I don’t personally deal much with the business of art.  I live my life and paint while others handle the business side of things.  I am hearing encouraging news that whatever I am doing is working, because collectors who know the value of original artwork are actually buying it to adorn their own spaces where they live and work.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that!

Within each of my paintings is a discovery.   It may trigger a memory, or it could expose a purely new emotion.  No memory can be completely void of emotions.  The feeling that I have when someone buys one of my paintings is mostly excitement while being a bit like saying farewell to a friend.  Keep in touch.   The farewell is well worth it, knowing that others can now see and share this gateway into the reality around us.

You can know me a little better through my art.  I would like to believe that, perhaps, through my art you can know yourself a little better, too.